About Hsyndicate

With an exclusive focus on global hospitality and tourism, Hsyndicate.org (the Hospitality Syndicate) provides electronic news publication, syndication and distribution on behalf of some 750 organizations in the hospitality vertical. Hsyndicate helps its members to reach highly targeted audience-segments in the exploding new-media landscape within hospitality... channels of ever increasing importance which are difficult to reach through classic wire services like PRnewswire or BusinessWire.

With the central idea ‘ONE Industry, ONE Network’, Hsyndicate merges historically fragmented industry intelligence into a single online information and knowledge resource serving the information-needs of targeted audience-groups throughout the hospitality, travel & tourism industries… serving professionals relying on Hsyndicate's specific and context-relevant intelligence delivered to them when they need it and how they need it.

How it works

Step 1 - Content Aggregation
Hsyndicate enables its members to feed their contents into Hsyndicate's central database. Contents include press releases, blogs, twits, editorial articles, events, photos, video.

Step 2 - Content Analysis
Hsyndicate puts all contents into perspective by adding regional relevance and by tagging contents in various areas of professional interest (categories).

Step 3 - Content Storage
Once member contents are tagged and regionalized, Hsyndicate stores its contents in a highly flexible and open database environment which enables highly efficient distribution of contents to 3rd parties.

Step 4 - Content Syndication
Hsyndicate contents are distributed/syndicated to a global network of channel partners which use all or part of Hsyndicate's contents. Channels include industry portals, hotel group portals, association portals, Newsletters, blogs, twits and social networks... all whithin the global hospitality industry.

Why Hsyndicate?

One Industry One Network
Hsyndicate federates historically fragmented and critical business information into a single content platform serving today's highly fragmented information-needs of professionals in the hospitality industry.

Highly Targeted Audience
Hsyndicate's platform is used as an industry-wide communication platform which delivers contents to professionals throughout various segments within the value-chain of the international hospitality industry.

Focused Industry Intelligence
Hsyndicate delivers relevant intelligence to its users by categorizing and regionalizing all contents based on main areas of interest and hot topics which currently influence the hospitality and tourism industries.

Transfer of Knowledge
Hsyndicate contents serve as an industry-wide adopted platform which supports and enhances knowledge transfer and lifelong education, at hospitality-focused universities and schools.

How can I become Hsyndicate Member?

Hsyndicate's members are organizations throughout the landscape of global hospitality. They include stakeholders from all relevant industry-segments such as hotel groups, independent hotels, trade associations, schools and universities, consultants and analysts, event organizers, as well as industry press.

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